The Dead By Daylight Icon Toolbox is a desktop Windows application designed to make the process of browsing for & installing Perks (and Icons/Char Portraits) easy. The tool will autodetect your Dead By Daylight installation location in most cases. All you need to do is click “install”, and the tool will install the perk pack directly to your Dead By Daylight directory. You can then just fire up the game and enjoy!

If you’ve installed Dead By Daylight from the Windows Store, you will be unable to use this tool. Windows store seems to install applications as read only, so there’s no way to use custom perks.

Why does this exist?

This exists for two reasons: I am an Embedded Developer by trade, and this was a fun opportunity to learn some webbier development while still making a useful Desktop application. That’s why I chose bloated Electron over something like C#/WPF or JavaFx. The second reason is that I’m tired of unzipping icon packs and dragging them over. It’s nice to have them all in one place.

Pack Submission

In order to submit a icon pack, please contact me either on Discord or Reddit and send me the .zip.


You can report any isses to me on Discord or through the issue tracker on GitHub.


Perk Browser (Compact View)

Perk Browser (Normal View)

Portrait Browser

Create A Pack

Limitations/Future Dev

See GitHub Issues to track future development. Feel free to fork and hit me with a PR!

Icon Credits

Credit for Application Icons and the icon at the top of this page goes to HappyClown + Yoinks. Please don’t hesistate to reach out if my use of your beautiful icons is an issue!